Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins, Laurelville Cider and Corn Mazes OH MY!

My first thought to anyone who asks where to buy pumpkins is to go to the farmers market. You know - that place close to you where all the farmers gather once or twice a week and let you select your choice from their hard work? There are still several farmers markets going strong in Columbus, I'm sure very close to you.

But, some families want pumpkin picking to be an "event" - they want the whole experience of being away from the city streets and want their kids to actually visit a farm. Fact is, there aren't many "farms" with a Columbus zip code and pumpkin farms are a different breed. It takes more than a backyard to grow enough pumpkins to supply the masses.

I've visited each of these pumpkin farms at other times of the year, usually a stop for whatever produce happens to be in season. Pumpkin season is different - my kids are grown, so we don't do the decorating thing. These pumpkin farms - Renick's, Lynd's and Smith's - are within an easy, reasonable drive from anywhere in Franklin County. Each has a little something "extra" to make them attractive. I'll admit - my reason for including Smith's is a combination of primarily selling Ohio-made produce and products (YAY!) and OD on BBQ. So, Smith's is more for those who don't really feel the need to tromp through a field but are just as happy buying a pre-picked pumpkin. That will leave more time for barbecue!

Pumpkin Farms Near Columbus, Ohio

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