Monday, October 4, 2010

The Buckeyes and Good Beer...

The vacation season is over!

Personally, I think we've got it pretty good in Columbus. We've got a great NCAA football program (no matter how hard Mark May tries to argue against it!) and Columbus has a lot of options for beer geeks.

You know the ones - we like real beer. We like something that isn't mass produced by the billions of bottles. We want our beer to stand up and kick our ass! We want flavor, we want richness and we want it all the time.

I'm a beer geek and a Buckeye fan and I know I'm not alone. Two local places have the perfect setting for people like me - great beer and lots of TVs to catch all the action on Buckeye football Saturdays: Barley's Smokehouse & Brewpub and The Winking Lizard on Bethel Road. My Lizard preference swings on the patio, because the Crosswoods location is definitely closer to home. Although there's not a lot of street traffic in the Crosswoods area, you can't see the traffic at all at the Bethel Road location.

Here - my humble opinion as to the Best Craft Beer Bars for Buckeyes Fans!

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain: Binksternet

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