Friday, October 8, 2010

Important Info NOT in the Ohio State New Student Handbook...

You've settled in...the first few weeks of classes are behind've overspent your food allowance for the quarter...and you really want to get out of the dorm.

Relax! Columbus has so much to offer to Ohio State students and a lot of it is very close to campus. You can find some of the best pizza in the city and locally owned coffee shops that really ARE better than Starbucks. That student ID? It does more than get you access to a student ticket for the Ohio State football games.

Although my kids didn't actually go to Ohio State (yet!), they've both spent quite a bit of their adult lives living and embracing the Ohio State campus life. I've put together a few helpful tips every new Ohio State student should be aware of...

New Ohio State University Students: What You Should Know

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