Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Charity Donations

The holidays are fast approaching and many of the Columbus-area charities that provide holiday assistance are still in need of your help - donations of items, food, money and time. Giving any of these items can help make Christmas a little brighter for others.

Christmas Charity Donations in Columbus

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Drexel Theater and Indie Flicks!

Independent movie theaters should be cherished. Even with all of the mega-chain theaters in Columbus, we still have a few gems and the Drexel in Bexley is one of them.

Yes - they do show some mainstream films but the focus for me is the array of indie-flicks. Oh - every month the Drexel has a viewing of "The Room" - second Saturday - don't miss it!

Drexel Theater is Columbus, Ohio's Home for Indie Films

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins, Laurelville Cider and Corn Mazes OH MY!

My first thought to anyone who asks where to buy pumpkins is to go to the farmers market. You know - that place close to you where all the farmers gather once or twice a week and let you select your choice from their hard work? There are still several farmers markets going strong in Columbus, I'm sure very close to you.

But, some families want pumpkin picking to be an "event" - they want the whole experience of being away from the city streets and want their kids to actually visit a farm. Fact is, there aren't many "farms" with a Columbus zip code and pumpkin farms are a different breed. It takes more than a backyard to grow enough pumpkins to supply the masses.

I've visited each of these pumpkin farms at other times of the year, usually a stop for whatever produce happens to be in season. Pumpkin season is different - my kids are grown, so we don't do the decorating thing. These pumpkin farms - Renick's, Lynd's and Smith's - are within an easy, reasonable drive from anywhere in Franklin County. Each has a little something "extra" to make them attractive. I'll admit - my reason for including Smith's is a combination of primarily selling Ohio-made produce and products (YAY!) and OD on BBQ. So, Smith's is more for those who don't really feel the need to tromp through a field but are just as happy buying a pre-picked pumpkin. That will leave more time for barbecue!

Pumpkin Farms Near Columbus, Ohio

Photo courtesy dbgeorge at

Friday, October 8, 2010

Important Info NOT in the Ohio State New Student Handbook...

You've settled in...the first few weeks of classes are behind've overspent your food allowance for the quarter...and you really want to get out of the dorm.

Relax! Columbus has so much to offer to Ohio State students and a lot of it is very close to campus. You can find some of the best pizza in the city and locally owned coffee shops that really ARE better than Starbucks. That student ID? It does more than get you access to a student ticket for the Ohio State football games.

Although my kids didn't actually go to Ohio State (yet!), they've both spent quite a bit of their adult lives living and embracing the Ohio State campus life. I've put together a few helpful tips every new Ohio State student should be aware of...

New Ohio State University Students: What You Should Know

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Haunted Houses...

Making plans for the weekend? The Columbus haunted house season is in full swing!

Halloween Haunted Houses in Columbus

Perennial favorite Haunted Hoochie is still here and the House of Nightmares has officially changed its name to The Terrorfest. The folks who used to run Terror Park at Cooper Stadium (RIP) have a new gig - The Scare-A-Torium that includes a costume shop. The newest kid on the block is the Trail of Fears in Hilliard.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Buckeyes and Good Beer...

The vacation season is over!

Personally, I think we've got it pretty good in Columbus. We've got a great NCAA football program (no matter how hard Mark May tries to argue against it!) and Columbus has a lot of options for beer geeks.

You know the ones - we like real beer. We like something that isn't mass produced by the billions of bottles. We want our beer to stand up and kick our ass! We want flavor, we want richness and we want it all the time.

I'm a beer geek and a Buckeye fan and I know I'm not alone. Two local places have the perfect setting for people like me - great beer and lots of TVs to catch all the action on Buckeye football Saturdays: Barley's Smokehouse & Brewpub and The Winking Lizard on Bethel Road. My Lizard preference swings on the patio, because the Crosswoods location is definitely closer to home. Although there's not a lot of street traffic in the Crosswoods area, you can't see the traffic at all at the Bethel Road location.

Here - my humble opinion as to the Best Craft Beer Bars for Buckeyes Fans!

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain: Binksternet

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ohio State Football Fever!!

As I look at my Weatherbug, the temperature is an incredible 53 degrees! That's football weather! My friend Sheri mentioned on Facebook that she had to wear a sweatshirt the other morning while she was taking a walk - yes, it's football weather and that means it's time for Ohio State fans to head to Lane Avenue.

We generally watch the games at home a lot of reasons. Our own incredible food - including the man's should-be-world-famous Wings! No chance of a DUI! Free parking! Comfy seats in front of a TV we can actually hear!

But, even at my age, I do like to head down to Lane Avenue once every season - without a game ticket! - to take in the Skull Session and the memories of a long tradition. The crowds aren't as large as they used to be and the REAL Hineygate is no more, but I still see a lot of people well-over college age drinking not-quite-cold-enough overpriced beer and celebrating a Buckeyes game!

Take a walk back in time...make one trip to Lane Avenue this season to celebrate the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Football Saturdays on Lane Avenue

Skull Session before the 2009 Ohio State-Navy Game. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dating in Columbus

The first date...time to make an impression.

My favorite first dates were the simple dates. The times we could actually talk and get to know each other rather than being drowned out by a band or a thumping-bass DJ.

I've thought of three perfect first dates that - HEY! - won't break the bank.

Great First Dates in Columbus

Photo from Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Real Beer, Local Beer

I freely admit to being a beer geek. I'm not "in the know" enough to explain all the fine nuances and determine by taste exactly where the hops were grown. All I know is I like real beer, microbrews.

Columbus has a great brewpub scene. Each of the locally-owned offerings also have great menus. For a summer night out on the town - eat local, drink local.

Columbus, Ohio Microbreweries

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pelotonia Only 11 Days Away

The 2nd Annual Pelotonia will hit the road from Columbus to Athens on August 20, 2010.

I've profiled one of the riders - Joshua Schonauer, a recent Ohio State grad and Centerburg native ready to head to the bright lights of New York City. He has one challenge left before he goes: helping to raise money for cancer research at Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Follow the link...I've provided links in the article to Joshua's Pelotonia rider profile and other ways you can help.

Pelotonia Capstone to Law School for Schonauer

Now What?

The Ohio State Fair has ended...the animals are going home or heading to the slaughterhouse. The carnies have packed up the rides and could very well be gone. The lemon-shakeup vendors are counting their money.

Now what do you do?

How about a great summer date night on one of the awesome patios that Columbus restaurants have to offer? Seasonal menu options are the main reason I selected these five restaurants. Go local - not only are you supporting a locally-owned restaurant instead of a huge conglomerate cookie-cutter chain, you are also supporting local suppliers.

My list of the Five Best Summer Restaurants in Columbus.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eggs for Food Banks!

I just received a press release from the Ohio State Fair.

The Ohio Poultry Association will donate one dozen eggs to local food banks for purchases during the Ohio State on for more details!

Ohio State Fair Visitors, Ohio Poultry Association Help Hungry

Big Plans for this Weekend?

So many options, so little time!

This weekend is the 25th Annual Mud Volleyball Tournament at Beulah Park - all day Saturday!

Mud Volleyball Tournament Celebrates 25 Years

Taste some wine and support the Franklin Park Conservatory, take a walk with your kids in Whetstone Park, learn how to hula hoop or see a free show from Shadowbox at Schiller Park.

This Weekend in Columbus

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Opening Day!!!

Today's the day, Ohio State Fair fans!

I will admit I haven't been in several years - work often kept me out of town during the Fair. But, I can't help but get excited every year. Maybe it's the small-town heritage, maybe it's the memories of the year my daughter was a member of the All Ohio State Fair Band and eating my way through the midway!

Fairs - even without the rides - have so much to offer. There are so many free interactive activities for kids. How many city children have ever seen where milk, eggs and bacon actually come from?

There's discounts galore, practically every single day of the Ohio State Fair. While the commercial vendors offer discounts on siding and such, the real discounts are at the food service vendors. Coupons are available for free drinks with a sandwich purchase or even a bit of money off of a meal.

I've outlined all of the gate discounts and included a link to the vendor coupons in this article.

2010 Ohio State Fair Discounts

Oh - and in case you hadn't heard: the Selena Gomez show on Thursday night has been postponed. Apparently, promoting a new movie (Ramona and Beezus)and a concert tour has worn out the Disney tween queen.

Selena Gomez Reschedules Ohio State Fair Appearance

Enjoy the Ohio State Fair!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ohio State Fair Starts Wednesday!

Do you have your tickets? Oh, you're not sure what the entertainment is at this year's Ohio State Fair?

2010 Ohio State Fair Concert Schedule

What to Do this Weekend?

OK, so the weekend is almost over, but there's still time for a walk through old North Columbus...or catch some free music down at the Jazz and Rib Fest!

This Weekend in Columbus